#1 Fitness Mistake

#1 Fitness Mistake

-The biggest mistake most gym goers make

*NOT tracking ANYTHING

Imagine a scenario. You wake up every day, toss some water on your face & throw on some gym clothes. Put on some deodorant (I hope), put a heaping scoop of pre-workout into a shaker bottle, toss your gym bag over your shoulder & you’re out the door to fight another battle in the gym. Repeat this 200-360 times per year depending on your level of dedication.

And you NEVER see progress…

-Scare you? It should!

I just told you the story of about 50-75% of people I see in the gym every single day. People just like you who have goals, but no systems in place to guarantee & secure results. Simple errors in where effort is being placed can be the difference between complete success & complete stagnation.

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, 95% of a person’s lack of progress can be attributed to the improper management of TWO THINGS:

1) Nutrition

2) Training Progression

If you eat “clean” & drink a whey shake & expect that to be enough to optimize your results, you’re not being honest with yourself. You shouldn’t play the guessing game with your eating. Especially if you want to lose/gain weight & optimize performance. The same goes for your training. YOU HAVE TO TRACK.

*One study showed subjects UNDER REPORT CALORIC INTAKE BY 47% & over report physical activity by 51%. YIKES!

(Lichtman Et AL. 1992)

TAKE HOME POINT: What gets measured, gets maintained.

If you want to be successful on your fitness journey & actually SEE results, if you’re tired of just being someone who goes to the gym, but your appearance doesn’t align with how much time you spend in there working out. It’s time to take tracking nutrition & training progression more seriously. There is a treasure chest of gains waiting for you to find if you can master your control over your nutrition & your training.

-If you need help managing these, or don’t even know where to start- That’s OKAY! Feel free to shoot me a message. You can also catch all the free education and advice by following me on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube!



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