Holidays: Key to Staying on Track

With tomorrow being 4th of July, many of you will have BBQs and other family gatherings that involve food. Usually those foods are not considered “healthy” and some of you may be wondering what the key to staying on track during the holidays is. The answer is: BALANCE. While diet is important to reaching your goals, it is still important to life your live and enjoy those special moments with family and friends.

You Don’t Get Fat From:

  • One ice cream cone
  • One late night slice
  • One office donut
  • One family BBQ

The success or failure of your diet comes down to what you’re doing most of the time…

Never let a few meals outside of your control stop you from getting back on track with the majority of meals that ARE within your control.

The second you choose to own your health and take care of your body, you’re immediately put into the minority…

Reason being, most people don’t think or even care about their health (until it becomes a problem, of course). I mean, statistically speaking, 2/3rds of people struggle with their weight…

It’s not all their fault either.

We live in a society that encourages overconsumption.

  • “Don’t take the stairs… take the escalator!”
  • “Walk? That’s what Uber is for, silly goose!”
  • “Why buy a salad when you can get two cheeseburgers for 3 dollars?… Order a combo and they’ll double-up your Coke size too!”

Don’t get me wrong, some things (like AC and Wi-Fi) are great, but there’s no denying that the temptations we face daily make it difficult to choose nutritious foods and maintain a healthy body…

Butttt you know what? It’s our reality.

Things aren’t changing anytime soon, and so you have three choices:

  1. Say YOLO and eat/drink whatever the hell you want
  2. Choose to be healthy and resent society and the bad influences around you
  3. Choose to be healthy, but learn balance so that you can still enjoy everything else life has to offer.

Obviously I’m going to recommend you go with number 3. Part of going with the third option means being okay with the fact that you won’t always have complete control over what options are available.

Luckily, a few “bad” meals aren’t going to derail your progress…but that’s only if you make sure that MOST of your meals are on track!

When you really think about it, most of the meals you’re eating on a daily & weekly basis are within your control.

You’re choosing where to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, etc.

Stay on track with the majority of meals that are within your control, and the few meals that aren’t won’t make a huge difference.

So tomorrow, enjoy the moments with family and friends and enjoy the food!   4th of July is one day out of 365 and Friday is a brand new day that allows you to jump back on your diet and absolutely CRUSH it!

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4th of July




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