Biggest Mistakes I See in the Gym . . .

As a trainer, obviously I spend a lot of time in the gym and I cannot count the amount of times per day I see these mistakes in the gym.  Correcting these mistakes is so important to actually seeing progress.

-Focusing on isolation exercises
Instead make sure to train big compound lifts such as Deadlifts, Squats, and Overhead Press

-Doing too much
Believe it or not, a lot of guys/gals do too much and do not focus on things such as sleep or taking a rest day. The body needs to recover to build muscle.

-Hitting a muscle 1x per week
Studies show that hitting a muscle group 2x week is more beneficial than 1. No More Bro Splits Please!

-Going too heavy
This causes you to not get enough volume and increases injury risk, instead find a good weight for the rep range and stop a rep or two from failure.

-Staying in the same rep range
You do not need to change it up every workout but working in the 3-6 range, 8-12 range, then 15-20 will do wonders for your body.

-Sloppy Form/Cheat Reps
Studies show that training in a full range of motion will build more muscle than partial range of motion, not to mention training through full range of motion decreases injury risk.

If you are looking to build muscle are you making any of these mistakes? I, at one point, have done every one of these…

The two biggest mistakes I see being made at the gym every day are people having sloppy form and going too heavy. The first usually stems from the latter. If your form is garbage what is the point?? Are you trying to build muscle or just show off to everyone in the gym or on Instagram?

If you need help learning proper form, shoot me a message. I am happy to help. You can also follow me on Facebook, IG or my YouTube channel for free info and tutorials.

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