Do You Need Cardio?

Do you need to do cardio?

Cardio is not the main catalyst for fat loss. It can be helpful to create a bigger calorie deficit. Prioritize the following before cardio…

  • Moving 8,000+ steps/day
  • Resistance training 3-5 times/week
  • Consistently be in a calorie deficit

I’ve been talking a lot of trash on cardio. But the truth is, cardio has its place in your training routine.

The issue is, many believe cardio is the main catalyst for fat loss, which is far from the truth.

Fat loss comes primarily through creating a calorie deficit via your diet.

So is cardio necessary for fat loss? No. But, it can be useful to create a bigger calorie deficit.

People often get stuck in the cycle of eating whatever, and then trying to “burn it off” via cardio. This never goes we . . .

Before you add cardio, you should be doing the following:

  • Walking 8k-10k steps/day
  • Consistently resistance training
  • Consistently in a calorie deficit ( highly recommend tracking you food)
  • Have at least a few months experience in the gym under your belt.

Got all those?

From there, it’s really up to you.

HIIT style training is great for burning a few extra calories at the end of or in-between training sessions.

Being in better cardiovascular condition will also help you recover faster when lifting weights, so it has applications to improve gym performance.

Just remember, cardio isn’t the end all be all of fat loss. It’s helpful, but less important than diet, resistance training, and just focusing on moving more throughout your day. So have those on point first.

What are your thoughts on cardio?? Want to lose the cardio and still maximize fat loss?? Shoot me a message and let me help you with your nutrition, fitness programming or both! You can find me on Facebook, Insta, and YouTube. OR . . . You can check out the brand new website that is up and running now at

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