The 30 Minute Anabolic Window

30 Minute Anabolic Window??

Do you have goals to gain lean mass? (AKA Muscle)

“After this workout I made sure to get my 30g of whey isolate protein shake because I have to get it in the ‘30 minute anabolic window’ . . . “

Who has heard of this before?

What it I told you that you do NOT need to get your protein shake in right after you work out??

Current research has shown that as long as you have protein 1-2 hours around your workout (pre or post) and have an adequate amount throughout the day, you will be just fine.

So, for example, if you have enough protein 1 hour before your training, then getting in protein post workout, or in the “30 minute anabolic window” is not necessary.

If you do not eat before training, let’s say in the morning, then it is important to get your protein in after your workout, but once again, within a 1-2 hour window . . . not 30 minutes, if your goal is to gain lean muscle mass.

I personally enjoy eating a real meal that is high in carbs and protein after working out instead of just a protein shake. On days I know I’ll be running short on protein, I can always add a shake in later in the day. It’s best to strive to meet your protein goals through real whole foods first if you’re able.

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