The Fitness Industry

The Fitness Industry

I have been in the fitness industry most of my life. It’s all I’ve known. It has changed me a lot and I have watched IT change a lot. The growth of social media, in particular Instagram, has given everyone a platform and a voice. While I’m all for sharing; context and qualification is critical when it comes to health and human movement. I’m sorry to say this, not everyone needs a platform and a voice.

We, as health and fitness professionals, need to clean up the industry a bit. It has become much too muddled with crap recently. Consider this a bit of a callout.

  1. If you’re not sure what an exercise does, haven’t done it yourself, or don’t understand the biomechanics don’t post it and recommend it.
  2. If you need to post a shirtless selfie/ass pic call it what it is. Don’t slap a motivational quote on it and try to pass it off as something it’s not. You like how you look in the photo and you want other people to see it too. It’s completely okay. We’ve all done it . . . But as a whole the social media fitness space needs less of this.
  3. Don’t post about FAD diets if you don’t understand the physiological mechanisms of nutrition, performance and fat loss.
  4. Don’t shill out worthless supplements everywhere. We need a clean-up when it comes to that, not more of a mess.
  5. If you have a fitness account try to provide direction within your lane. Support, through quality content and inspiration through professional, scientific or anecdotal insight. (Not a pic of your ass/abs.)

To put it bluntly, if the social media fitness space was actually making a predominantly positive impact, we wouldn’t still see massively rising obesity rates. There are ONE BILLION on IG alone, after all. Instead, the space has turned into a sloppy mess of pseudo-pornographic material, self-serving content, bad advice, supplement shilling, and fad diet peddling with a small sprinkle of good in there. This makes it difficult for the novice weight lifter to determine quality information from myths. As a community I want to see more of the good!

Let’s take the opportunity to be better as a fitness community on social media. I know I follow some pretty awesome accounts, and I want to see more like that.


If you want good quality fitness and nutrition advice, follow me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. You can also find some tips and a link to apply for a free coaching call at my website Working with me gives you access to a large network of other credible fitness professionals that I work with personally and professionally. If you’re looking for a reading or podcast list, shoot me a message and I’ll be glad to send you some of my favorites.

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