How to Grow Your Glutes

How to actually build your Glutes


  • Focus mostly on isolation exercises
  • Not adding in more reps/weight as you go
  • Only working in one rep range
  • Fall in love with the burn at the expense of progressive overload
  • Endlessly dieting in a calorie deficit
  • Spending more time doing cardio than weight trainingHAPPY GLUTES
  • Focus mostly on heavy hip hinge compound movements 2-3x/week
  • Deadlift variations, hip thrusts, glute-focused squat variations
  • Add in more reps/weight as you go
  • Working in low, middle, high rep ranges
  • Feel the burn at the end of the workout with an isolation exercise or two

Eat enough calories and protein to cause muscle growth

Want Glutes??

Gotta stop strictly doing booty band and isolation work.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to grow your glutes. The results of strong and powerful glutes are much more than aesthetic. It also protects your lower back, wards off injury, helps your spine and pelvis, and makes you more athletic. But here’s the deal. Focusing endlessly on cardio and feeling the burn through donkey kickbacks won’t cut it. Constantly being in a calorie deficit won’t either. You need to pick a couple compound lifts that involve hip hinging, for example, deadlift variations, hip thrusts, glute focused split squats, etc. Add reps and/or weight to that lift every week, and get really strong at it over the period of a couple months.

Be sure to work in different rep ranges….3-6, 7-12, and 12-15+ for optimal growth.

End the workout with some burn-inducing isolation exercises like hip abductions and frog pumps to increase metabolic stress. These should be in higher rep ranges.

Getting enough calories and protein in your diet is key to actually seeing muscle growth. Endlessly dieting won’t get it done.

Have questions about building your glutes or another body part? Shoot me a message on Facebook or IG. You can also follow my YouTube channel for video tutorials or apply for a free coaching call at

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