Hate Counting Calories???

Hate Counting Calories?

Instead of being rigid like THIS:

  • -1800 Calories
  • -120g Protein
  • -195g Carbs
  • -60g Fat

Try being more flexible like THIS:

  • -1700-1900 Calories
  • -110-130g Protein
  • -Balanced Ratio of Carbs & Fats

Take a quick look through my page and you’ll quickly discover I’m a fan of food tracking.

For one simple reason—keeping a log of what you’re eating is the BEST way to ensure you’re staying in a calorie deficit consistently.

Buttttt tracking can get a bit obsessive at times, especially if you’re trying to hit specific calorie/macro targets every single day…

For the longest time, that was me!

I thought I needed to hit all three macronutrients perfectly —on the mark— every single day.

If not, some fat loss witchdoctor would use voodoo magic and make me gain 100 pounds overnight…

Or something like that.

Well, all that worrying did was make it HARDER to achieve my goals.

If I accidentally went over my nutrition targets, even by the teeniest-tiniest bit, I’d assume the day was a total wash. I’d say “screw it!” and a small surplus would turn into a HUGE binge.

I’d get back on track…but after about a week it would happen again…

So, what I started doing, and now what I do with my online clients, is set calorie & macro ranges!

With this approach, you’re not worried about exact numbers.

Instead, you make things a bazillion times easier and aim to land within a flexible range of targets.

I even like to take it a step further and drop carb & fat targets.

Reason being, as long as you’re in a deficit and consuming enough protein, you can go higher in carbs or higher in fats and achieve similar weight loss results.

I do, however, recommend keeping your carb-to-fat ratio balanced (try not to go below 20% of your total calories from each macronutrient).

The bottom line: Counting & tracking are some of the best ways to guarantee consistent weight loss results, but don’t let it consume you.

But unless you’re trying to get a bodybuilder shredded for a competition, it’s simply unnecessary to track every calorie and/or macro to a single target number.

Remember, consistency beats perfection.

Focus on being “pretty close” most of the time, and dieting will become waaaay less stressful and MUCH more rewarding.

Still confused?!?!? Don’t know how much protein or calories you should be consuming to get to that “pretty close” range? Shoot me a message on Facebook, IG, or head over to www.kaylimontoyafitness.weebly.com to apply for a free coaching call and we will discuss it.

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