Have a slow metabolism?

Have a slow metabolism?

Stop doing these things!

  • Drastically cutting your daily calories
  • Adding hours of intense daily cardio
  • Buying a bunch of fat burnersStart doing these instead!
  • Lifting weights to build muscle
  • Following a diet that’s high in protein
  • Slowly increasing your daily activityHere’s the thing about your metabolism…There’s a buttload of stuff that’ll influence whether yours is “fast” or “slow” – much of which is outside of your immediate control.

    Losing weight is all about calories IN vs. calories OUT.

    The calories IN part of the equation is straightforward, and for the most part, you can control it.

    Calories OUT (aka your metabolic rate) is where things get tricky, and it’s where most people make a big mistake.

    To explain, we’ll need a quick science lesson:

    There are 4 ways you burn calories:

    1. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)-calories burned at rest
    2. TEF (Thermic Effect of Food)-calories burned digesting food
    3. TEE (Thermic Effect of Exercise)-calories burned doing planned exercise
    4. NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)-calories burned doing everyday activities like walking, standing up and down, fidgeting, etc.

    Numero 3, TEE, is the one you have the most immediate control over. The other three can be influenced, but not directly controlled.

    And this is where most people make a big mistake.

    They’ll put all of their focus on burning calories exercising, cutting calories, and spending $$$ on supplements that don’t really do much.

    It works at first, but people end up creating so much stress-physically AND mentally-that they struggle to see results (due to water weight and unrealistic expectations) or stay consistent (due to bingeing and overeating).

    If you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy body forever, you need to think long-term. You want to build a body that won’t have to rely on you doing hours of exhausting cardio daily just to stay lean.

    One way is by building muscle—this will increase your BMR and calories burned at rest (not drastically, but noticeably.)

    Another is following a high protein diet—this will increase your TEF, help you stay full, and help you build more muscle.

    I also recommend being more active—park farther away, walk during lunch breaks, stand up and stretch in between Netflix shows…

    Anything to stay moving (increasing your NEAT) rather than just doing cardio 60 mins/day followed by 8 hours of laying around.

    Are you ready to make a change, but don’t know where to start? Head over to www.kaylimontoyafitness.weebly.com and apply for a free coaching call. Or you can follow me on Facebook, IG or YouTube for more free tips and advice to help you reach your goals.


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