How to Read the Scale

A lot of coaches don’t like using body weight to track progress.

They say it’s unreliable (which, if you’re using it wrong, is true) and all it does is frustrate their clients.

And I agree that, for some people, it might make sense to forego the scale… But that does NOT mean tracking weight is worthless.

Body weight alone isn’t a great marker of progress, but it is absolutely can be when it’s used correctly and alongside other forms of progress (like measurements and photos)!

But here’s the problem — most people don’t know how to “read” the scale.

They’ll see a small jump and freak out. Or they’ll get excited about a big drop (often called a “whoosh”), but then have it followed by a week or two of no change and assume they’re plateaued…

Here’s the truth— Your weight will NOT go down linearly, day-to-day, week-to-week.

For most people, it’ll look like this:

They’ll have a big drop in weight (their “whoosh”), go up a little, hold steady for a bit, and then repeat the process.

For some people this happens on a weekly basis, for some, it’s a monthly basis. It really just depends on how YOUR body responds.

My advice? Use the scale to track your progress, but understand how it works and make sure you’re using it the right way.

Do you need some extra help reaching your goals or knowing what metrics to use to track your progress? Head over to and apply for a free coaching call so we can get you on the right page.



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