Keto for Fat Loss

Keto for Fat Loss

It seems that now more so than ever, the ketogenic diet has gained popularity as a mechanism to drive fat loss. I get a few messages a week asking for my opinion on this particular diet. Nobody ever messages me asking about the validity of the keto diet for neurological issues, a positive well noted in the literature. Nor do I get messages about using it to bulk, something that sounds altogether disgusting.

Nope, none of that.

I ALWAYS get a question like this “Should I try keto if I’m looking to loss fat?”

Keto seems to be a “go to” diet for many people attempting to shed some body fat. It is the same line of thinking that also perpetuates the continued “carb-phobia” in this country. But why is it so effective for many?

1. It increases the need for one to prepare their own food (generally drives people to eat less).

2. Limits an entire group of foods (starchy carbs) which may drive people to have involuntary caloric restriction.

3. Greater perceived satiety from increased intake of protein and vegetables.

KETO IS NOT MAGIC. Using fat for fuel, DOES NOT mean burning a greater amount of stored body fat. What is does do is promote eating whole foods, and eliminate a likely contributor to overconsumption – hyper-palatable foods. It’s far from magic. It is one of the most difficult diets to adhere to, and not an optimal diet for many who perform high levels of glycolytic work (things like CrossFit) but will likely work well for many other things. Well, however, does not mean optimal, and what is optimal for you is something for you and your coach to figure out.

I don’t use ketogenic diets much with my clientele, but that does not mean it is a bad protocol-it’s just simply too often misrepresented by charlatans and under informed “gurus” in the fitness space.


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