Low Calorie Diets KILL Weight Loss

How Low Calorie Diets KILL WEIGHT LOSS

Dropping calories lower isn’t always the answer.

Yeah, you need to eat less calories than you burn in a day to lose weight. Calorie deficit. I talk about this all the time to my clients. It’s the most important piece to weight loss.

It’s easy to take the “more is better” mindset, dropping calories as low as possible. The thought process makes sense, but like most fitness things, finding balance is the key to sustainable results.

Sure it sucks not liking how you look in a bathing suit. Makes you want results absolutely as fast as possible. Makes you want to do something drastic, because you hate how you feel right now.

Feeling like this is usually what leads to super low calorie crash diets.

For immediate results, crash dieting is great. Buuuutttttt in the big picture (6 months + from now), it’s the worst thing you could do to your health, and for maintaining a leaner body.

Your metabolism adapts to your calorie intake. Eat more? It gradually speeds up. Eat less? It gradually slows.

Eat a lot less for too long? Your metabolism slows dramatically. This is why people lose and gain back the same 15lbs constantly. Dieting too hard reduces the amount of calories you can eat without gaining weight.

You might want to be able to eat normally again when you hit your goal weight….but if you’ve done enough damage (say you can’t eat over 1000 calories without gaining) you’re gonna have a hard time keeping the weight off. That’s less than you ate at brunch today. (If it was due to bottomless mimosas you did the right thing!) haha

What to do instead when dieting:

  1. Very generalized, but for most: bodyweight x 10 is the lowest you wanna go for healthy weight loss.
  2. Eat all the macronutrients. Get enough carbs, fats, and protein. Don’t try to cut out anything.
  3. Take diet breaks. Key to preventing metabolic slow down. Short periods of returning calories to maintenance levels. Every 10-12 weeks of dieting. Diet slower. In the long haul, it means you’ll be able to enjoy more brunches!

    As always, helping is what I do, so if you’re struggling head over to www.kaylimontoyafitness.weebly.com and apply for a free coaching call. There is no obligation. We simply talk about what you’ve been doing and where you want to go and I’ll give you some ideas of how to get there. If you just want to sit back and read some free content on your own time, follow me on Facebook or IG.

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