Meal Prep is a Tradeoff!

It’s A Trade Off

Just had a conversation with a client yesterday about prepping healthy food and how annoying it can be…




I’ll be the first one to admit: cooking gets annoying. I’m on the go. I have clients I’m responsible for. I have to bring you guys content here, I work another full time job, etc. This isn’t me complaining about those things because I truly love all those things and I’m thankful for them. But I get annoyed with prepping food. But here’s what I notice: if I take the time out to prepare food, I feel better than it I’m eating something from a restaurant. EVEN if it is a relatively healthy meal, I can tell a difference in my energy, clarity, gut health, sleep, mood, libido, and list goes on.




Here’s what I’m getting at: living healthier is a tradeoff. You take the time to train/exercise and cook REAL FOOD, you get better health. Better body composition, better hormonal profile, better emotional health, better relationships, better productivity & MORE! Realize that little bit extra time turns into a better quality of life at the end of the day.


Want help with meal prep ideas. I have an entire page dedicated to meal prep recipes and macro friendly meals on my website,

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