The Hard Truth About Food

The Truth About Food, And Why You Might Binge


-Why you can’t stop eating


Scenario 1:

-You are sitting at a table for dinner, in front of you there are four boiled potatoes, peel on. Your job, eat all the four potatoes. Odds are, you will not be able to eat the four potatoes, and what you can eat will fill you up for hours.


Scenario 2:

-You sit down at the same table, except this time, instead of four potatoes boiled, you have a bag of Lay chips (about 5-7 large potatoes). Your job; eat the bag of chips. Odds are not only you finish the bag, but you probably won’t be full, and might even be able to go for bag number two.


-The same could be said for 5 apples, you probably couldn’t do that. But could easily put a large dent in an apple pie… So, why do people do this?




NOPE. It’s not JUST sugar. Sugar has pseudo-addictive properties according to recent research (Avena. ET AL 007). But, if it were just sugar, you would be snorting sugar packets up like they were cocaine.

The term “sugar addiction” is MASSIVELY misleading. Instead it’s likely that YOUR brain, and yeah MINE too, is easily tricked by the engineered combinations of fats, sugars, salts and other additives that make foods on shelves today so enticing.


This engineering is what earns a food the term processed. These foods are often called HYPERPALATABLE, a term for foods that set off the pleasure centers of the brain. These combinations ARE NOT found in nature. We have 200,000 years of human evolution without ever being able to find fats, sugars, and salts together in one place. Now we have teams of food scientists that are literally creating equations and regression analysis to ensure that their food is addictive. Food like Cheetos that literally “melt in your mouth” because of their chemical components, bypass the SSS (Sensory Specific Satiety) centers of the brain and create what we call “vanishing caloric density”. This means, no matter how much we eat – You won’t be full. In truth, this isn’t a post to scare anyone, but instead to educate. The more you know, the better decisions you can make.

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