Eating Clean or Tracking Calories???

Short Blog for you today, because I want to make my point very clear. There is a difference between eating clean and tracking calories. I hear this all the time from people I meet with. One of my first questions to them is about nutrition and many of them tell me: “I eat clean.” Great! You eat clean but how much of that clean food are you eating. Believe it or not too much of a good thing can still cause you to NOT hit your goals. If you’re overeating on “clean foods” you can still struggle to lose weight. So….the question at hand is: Tracking Calories vs. Clean Eating? Which is better: Guessing or knowing?

Knowing right?


You’re better off knowing what your calories and macros are than guessing.


The more aware you are of your calorie and macronutrient intake, the quicker you hit your goals.


This is why I recommend most everyone track their food. At least for a while.


It helps you gain a much better understanding of how to consume different food combinations for the calorie and macronutrients you need for your goals.


“Eating clean” is a good start. You should eat primarily nutrient dense foods to look and feel you best.


Buuuttt clean eating doesn’t guarantee fat loss. You’re really just winging it. Tracking gives you much more clear data to correlate and adjust to weight/body fat changes.

Tracking also teaches you how to occasionally work “unhealthy” foods you enjoy into your diet, without killing progress. This is a key to turn living at lower body fat percentages into a lifestyle.


Tracking takes time. It sucks the first few days…..but not as much as never losing that weight.


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