5 Ways To Lose Body Fat Without Counting Calories

  1. Drink more water . . .

Aim to drink ¾ – 1 gallon of water daily. Especially focus on preloading 1-2 glasses before any meals. In multiple studies they have found that by doing this, hunger ratings decrease and the feeling of fullness increases therefore reducing food intake. This leads to a calorie deficit which causes body fat loss.

2. Change how you eat . . . 

  • Don’t drink while you eat
  • Don’t watch TV or be on your phone while you eat
  • Try eating with your non-dominant hand

All of these things keep you in the moment. So many people are already shoveling in another bite before they have even finished with the previous one. We get so busy scrolling through social media or answering work emails that you don’t even realize you are getting full. You are mindlessly eating. By not washing your food down with a drink and using your non-dominant hand you are forcing yourself to remain present which allows you to pay attention to your body’s natural signals of satiety. Therefore, most people tend to not consume as much, meaning they will eat less than normal, lowering their calorie intake and creating a calorie deficit. Which leads to burning body fat.

3. Add food . . .

Yes, you read that correctly. I have my clients ADD food. I have them add foods and nutrients they have been lacking, which is commonly: lean proteins, veggies, and fiber. Adding in lean proteins will help keep you feeling full longer and help you build more muscle. Protein has a higher thermic effect of food, which means you burn more calories digesting proteins then you do carbs or fats. Most people I work with don’t consume enough veggies in their diet, Try adding in a serving with each meal. You will notice greater food volume but lower calories. This leads to eating less of the “bad” higher calorie foods. You can find fiber in a lot of veggies and fruits especially berries. Women typically do best with 15-25g of fiber a day and men with 25-35g a day. Consuming enough fiber will lead to a healthier digestive system with more regular stools and less bloat. By adding in more nutrient dense foods to your diet you will end up having less room for other things, causing, yet again, a calorie deficit.

  1. Improve your quality of sleep . . .

Did you know that studies show that individuals who don’t get at least 7-9 hours on average a night consume 300 extra calories a day? Now, do the math here for a second. 300 x 7 =2,100 extra calories a week, 2,100 x 4 = 8,400 extra calories a month. Which means you could possibly gain at least 2-3 pounds of body fat each month. That’s scary to think about. Now turn those facts around for the positive. What if you improved your sleep and ate 8,400 less calories a month just by getting a few extra hours of better sleep?! It’s also proven we have more willpower to say no to things when we get more sleep. So if your friend tempts you with a cold beer or slice of pizza you are more apt to tell them “no, that doesn’t fit my goals right now” instead of just giving in. Better sleep leads to being able to sustain a calorie deficit. Resulting in body fat loss.

  1. Eat more WHOLE FOODS!

Do your best to avoid heavily processed foods. A great example of this is potato chips. Heavily processed foods are made to make you want more of them. All the money going into producing these foods go towards the palatability of them. The taste, texture, mouth feel, even the powdery residue it leaves on your fingers. This isn’t just by chance. Hell, they even have slogans that say things like “I bet you can’t eat just one.” People who consume mostly processed food eat 500-600 more calories per day than individuals who choose to eat whole foods. This can account for gaining 1 pound of fat per week, or 50+ pounds a year!! By choosing to eat whole foods or foods with limited ingredients you will notice feeling fuller quicker, stay full longer, you’ll overall feel better because your body will be getting all the nutrients it has been lacking. So you will end up eating less (calorie deficit) and feeling more satisfied.

Image result for list of processed and unprocessed foods

In conclusion, all 5 of my tips for losing body fat without having to count calories leads to you being in a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is the only way anyone can lose body fat. You must consume less energy (food) than you burn throughout the day. You will start to see results just by simply doing 1 of these 5 things, just imagine the results you could get by implementing more of them?!

The main point I want you to take away from this is that you don’t have to count calories to lose body fat and get that body you’ve been dreaming of! So what are you waiting for??? You can start these simple things today.

Drink more water, especially before your meals.

Stop watching TV while you eat. Be present. Put your utensils down between bites and/or eat with your non-dominant hand.

Add in more lean protein options, veggies, and fiber. Try including one at every meal.

Get more sleep. Start winding down 1 hour earlier than normal. Or set an alarm for bed.

Last, but definitely not least, focus on eating whole foods. Think anything with less than 5 ingredients on the nutrition label. Of course the less the better.

If you need further help in your fat loss journey reach out. Send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram. You can find me at Kayli Montoya Fitness. Or you can fill out an application for a FREE coaching call on my website: kaylimontoyafitness.weebly.com.

Also if you’ve enjoyed this blog and found it helpful please share it with your friends and family so I can reach more people and help them along the way.

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