4 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Rid Of That Stubborn Belly Fat

4 Reasons You Can’t Get Rid Of That Stubborn Belly Fat

Many of my clients first ask when they begin working with me “How do I get rid of this belly fat?!” Spoken as they grab their midsection. I know this must be a big concern for most of you reading this. Almost all of us have struggled with this or continue to struggle with this. I want to help you understand why we store body fat in our bellies and how we can combat this.

  1. You must get leaner . . . hard truth to eat I know.

Most people do not realize how lean you must get in order to have a flat stomach or that bold six pack. It takes major dedication to your nutrition to get lean enough for your body to burn that belly fat, which is usually the last place you actually lose it from. Take me for example, my guess is that you have seen some pics of me on my social media page or website. I am considered fairly lean at 6’ tall and 155 pounds. I do NOT walk around with a 6 pack, in fact, the most I’ve ever had so far is a 4 pack haha. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Having a flatter stomach is very attainable though. In order to get leaner the combo of a good diet and strength training is a must.


2.  Genetics . . . 

Your genetics, as well as your gender, will play a big role in where you tend to store stubborn body fat. Unfortunately for us women, one of those places being our bellies, along with our thighs, butt, and triceps (under side of the arm). This may cause some trouble when trying to get rid of that belly fat but that doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen if you are eating right and training correctly.


3.  High Stress . . .

Individuals with high stress lives tend to store more body fat in their bellies. They sleep very little, have stressful jobs, stressful relationships, do tons of cardio (which stresses the body out more). If this is you, try getting 7-9 hours of sleep every day. Do what you can to lessen the stress of work and at home. Trade off all that cardio for more strength training sessions and focus on building muscle instead of just burning calories.


4. You could have a weak TVA . . .

This is actually a very common issue I see with clients. The TVA or Transverse Abdominis is located deep within our core. This muscle functions with the pelvic floor to stabilize the entire low back and core muscles. Clients who suffer from weak TVA muscles usually have poor posture.  Think shoulders rounded, forward head, and an anterior pelvic tilt (butt sticking out like all those IG models). They also suffer from back pain and a lower belly pooch. By strengthening the TVA, you can not only alleviate the back pain but you can also get a flatter tummy in the process.

Image result for transverse abdominis Image result for transverse abdominis

One simple and great exercise to strengthen the TVA is an exercise called a stomach  vacuum. The boys over at Mind Pump Media released a great YouTube video demonstrating how to perform this exercise. You should definitely go check it out so you know how to properly perform this. Here is the link on  How to perform a stomach vacuum .


So I beg you, do not give up! It will take some work and effort in order to achieve that flat stomach you desire. It isn’t impossible though. Take these 4 things into consideration and ask yourself, honestly, if any of those things may be getting in your way. Now I understand you can’t change your genetics, but if you have a tendency to store body fat more in your midsection, you can still work towards getting leaner, reducing your stress, or strengthening your TVA. Remember there is always something that can be done.


If you are continuing to struggle, reach out to someone for help. Find a trainer in your local gym, hire a coach, reach out to me! I’ll be happy to help you reach your goals.


If you would like me to go into more details on this topic or have further questions, please go to www.kaylimontoyafitness.weebly.com and click on the Contact Me tab.


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