Cardio vs. Weights

Cardio vs. Weights

Is it really even a debate?

Honestly, no.

Weights trumps cardio on any given day.

But that doesn’t mean cardio is bad or pointless. It’s a tool and it definitely has its place when it’s needed.

But for many average individuals just starting their fat loss transformation, they actually debate between which to prioritize…

The answer is strength training (weights) and the following gives 3 simple reasons why.

Adaptation happens A LOT faster with cardio and when you adapt, aka get better or more efficient, your body uses less calories to get the job done. This means you slowly STOP cutting fat from what was once helpful. Whereas with strength training and lifting weights, it’s a much slower adaptation process and even when you DO adapt… you progress by building strength and muscle which is the end goal anyway. And to do that, the variety you can put into strength training is endless – allowing you to constantly make this equation work for you.

Your metabolism actually slows down over time if you do too much cardio for too long, this is obviously a bad thing. Strength training increases your metabolism, continuously, over the long-run. Now, HIIT (high intensity interval training) can increase your metabolism but it needs to be done in a smart way and NOT over-done or the same negative impact will happen (and nervous system burn out will occur faster as well).

It’s likely your joint health can and will degrade much faster with cardio. Whereas with strength training, you’re building it up to be stronger and have your joints last longer.

So no matter your goal…

Strength training and lifting weights, WINS.

And when you’re going to throw some cardio in, be smart about how you program it and know that it’s not a long-term solution for fat loss.


       Easily Adapt

When you adapt to cardio, you become MORE efficient at it…That leads to less calorie burn.

       Decreases Metabolism

Too much cardio will slow metabolism down-there’s not enough variety to avoid adaptation or burnout.

       Damages Joints

There’s 2,000 steps in a mile…meaning jogging a mile is jumping on each joint 1,000 times.


      Slowly Adapt

Slow adaptation leads to gains and there is so much variety, you’ll consistently make this happen.

     Increases Metabolism

Weight training INCREASES your metabolism long-term, while providing constant variety to avoid over adaptation.

     Builds Up Joints

Strength training builds durability in muscle, tendon, ligaments, cartilage…SAVING your joints long term.

Needing help getting started?  Don’t know what kind of lifts to program or how to get started?  Shoot me a message on Facebook, Instagram or email me at  I have openings for online clients or I can write you a custom weightlifting program that meets your goals.



#1 Fitness Mistake

#1 Fitness Mistake

-The biggest mistake most gym goers make

*NOT tracking ANYTHING

Imagine a scenario. You wake up every day, toss some water on your face & throw on some gym clothes. Put on some deodorant (I hope), put a heaping scoop of pre-workout into a shaker bottle, toss your gym bag over your shoulder & you’re out the door to fight another battle in the gym. Repeat this 200-360 times per year depending on your level of dedication.

And you NEVER see progress…

-Scare you? It should!

I just told you the story of about 50-75% of people I see in the gym every single day. People just like you who have goals, but no systems in place to guarantee & secure results. Simple errors in where effort is being placed can be the difference between complete success & complete stagnation.

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, 95% of a person’s lack of progress can be attributed to the improper management of TWO THINGS:

1) Nutrition

2) Training Progression

If you eat “clean” & drink a whey shake & expect that to be enough to optimize your results, you’re not being honest with yourself. You shouldn’t play the guessing game with your eating. Especially if you want to lose/gain weight & optimize performance. The same goes for your training. YOU HAVE TO TRACK.

*One study showed subjects UNDER REPORT CALORIC INTAKE BY 47% & over report physical activity by 51%. YIKES!

(Lichtman Et AL. 1992)

TAKE HOME POINT: What gets measured, gets maintained.

If you want to be successful on your fitness journey & actually SEE results, if you’re tired of just being someone who goes to the gym, but your appearance doesn’t align with how much time you spend in there working out. It’s time to take tracking nutrition & training progression more seriously. There is a treasure chest of gains waiting for you to find if you can master your control over your nutrition & your training.

-If you need help managing these, or don’t even know where to start- That’s OKAY! Feel free to shoot me a message. You can also catch all the free education and advice by following me on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube!



My Journey

When I was 9 months old we flew out to California to see a specialist and my doctor @ UCLA warned my mother that due to being completely blind in my left eye and having no depth perception because of this I would not be able to learn to walk until much later than the average child…
I started walking that evening at our hotel.

This attitude and my outlook on life hasn’t’ changed. I pride myself on challenging both my mind and body. I’m the baby of the family with a half-sister who is 9 years older than I am. So basically I was raised like an only child by my father and great grandmother. A tom-boy at heart, I loved sports and the outdoors (still do). Competition with my friends drove me. We played basketball, softball, rollerbladed, rode bikes, you name it we tried it at least once. We built ramps, jumped our bikes over each other, rollerbladed at the courthouse until we got told to leave so we could jump the stairs. My great grandmother even had to cut a tree down because I refused to listen to reason and would climb this said tree onto our roof so I could jump off into the bushes below! HAHA

Once I was of age to play sports in school the passion to improve every season drove me. I played Volleyball, Basketball, and Track. Basketball was my sport though. I breathed, ate, and slept basketball. My Dad would challenge me to one on one every week and would never let me win, looking back now I’m very thankful he didn’t’. He instilled a great work ethic in me. In High School I would get to school at 5am and not leave until 7pm. One basketball practice was over I would stay and practice my foot work for Discuss for the upcoming track season.
Two words that best describe me are Dedicated and Perseverance. I wouldn’t be where I am today without two things!

My senior year things took a turn for the worst in my life, my great grandmother who was my rock had a terrible stroke. My father who had been battling with alcoholism already, hit rock bottom. I was very fortunate my teacher and volleyball coach offered her home to me for the remainder of the school year so I wouldn’t have to move and change schools my last year of high school. I owe her and her family many thanks for taking me in and treating me like family. Many people in my small community showed me great kindness and compassion through this difficult time. I learned a lot from them and in turn I’m creating this program to help others.

After High School I was offered a scholarship to row for the Crew team at Kansas State University and I accepted. I had never rowed in my life but loved the thought of challenging myself with this new sport at a Division 1 level. I thought I was in good shape going into college, boy was I 100% wrong! I learned a lot of new things from our weight and conditioning coach. I hadn’t lifted seriously in High School. If felt great to see my body change so quickly. Why had it taken me so long to find out what resistance training could do for my body and spirit?! Not only did I see aesthetic changes but my mood and self-confidence improved. Now I want to pass on that knowledge to all of you.

I am now a certified personal trainer though the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and employed at a gym in my hometown. Along with being an online fitness coach so I can extend my reach outside of the four states and help men and women all over reach their health and fitness goals.

My dream is to be able to help other people become more comfortable in their own skin. I want to help give them the confidence in themselves to succeed in all aspects of their lives… gym, career, relationships, etc.

I value honesty, hard-work, and dedication… I promise to give you this and hope to receive it in return from all of you. I want to give you the right tools to improve your life. I want to share with you the information I’ve learned so you can take control over your own health and wellness. (Mental & Physical) I want to expose the many fitness myths that are being spread around social media and to simplify fitness so everyone I work with has the knowledge to succeed.